OOSC Childcare Voucher Information

We accept childcare vouchers so working parents can save money on their fees!
OOSC are currently registered to accept childcare vouchers from: Edenred, Computershare Voucher Services, Care4, FairCare, Bristol City Council, Allsave, Salary Extras, Kiddivouchers, BusyBees, BANES, Fideliti, PES and Sodexo.  Scroll down for how to set up payments** 

What are childcare vouchers?  

†For parents joining a scheme from 6 April 2011, the Government has capped the amount of childcare vouchers a tax-payer can request each month to £243 for a Basic rate tax-payer, £124 for a Higher rate tax-payer and £97 for an Additional rate tax-payer.

*Figures quoted are the maximum available savings for a Basic rate tax-payer. Higher and Additional rate tax-payers may save around £600 a year. The savings you make will depend on your circumstances. 

**How do I pay fees using childcare vouchers?
Speak to your employer and find out which voucher provider they subscribe to and register with the provider yourself. Let them know our details - you may need to supply them with a reference number. Then request our regular monthly fee to be paid directly to us at the same time your wages are paid. If you are not paid at the beginning of the month, please make sure the voucher payment is made in advance. Your fees are then tax-free. The main voucher providers are listed below - if the company you use is not on this list please contact Cath at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

EDENRED - REF. P20516014 ST HELENS (Use this for all clubs)   


CARE4 -  REF. ST HELENS : 66198136

SODEXO - REF: 812620

KIDDIVOUCHERS  - REF: South Glos Out Of School Clubs   / Cath Purchase BS32 4LQ


What if my employer does not subscribe to a childcare voucher scheme?

Encourage them to subscribe to a voucher provider scheme!  It is a National Insurance exempt scheme making savings of up to £402** for employers
Childcare vouchers are National Insurance exempt for employers. Employers can save up to £402** per employee, per year via reduced National Insurance contributions.

**Annual Employer NI savings for a Basic rate tax-payer taking the full £243 voucher value. The maximum savings available will be less for Higher and Additional rate tax-payers.