Meet our staff.....

Cath Purchase - Owner / Manager

Cath Purchase

Sam Winstanley - Area Manager and Cherry Garden Leader

Sam Winstanley

Kate Whatley - Frenchay club and OOSC Administrator

Kate Whatley Frenchay and OOSC Administrator

Mandy Tomlinson - Holiday club Manager

Mandy Tomlinson Holiday club Manager

Teresa - St Mary's Thornbury Leader

Teresa Hind St Marys Thornbury Leader

Jen - St Mary's Thornbury Supervisor

Holy Family Leader

Jen Langdon St Marys Thornbury

Viv - St Mary's Thornbury and Holiday club supervisor

Viv Heyes St Marys Thornbury and Holiday club



Marina - Leader St Mary's Bradley Stoke, Frenchay breakfast and Holiday club

Marina Battista Frenchay and Holiday club

Ali  - St Mary's Thornbury


Kaylea  - Frenchay Leader


Georgia  - St Mary's Bradley Stoke, Holiday club

Georgia Hartry St Marys Bradley Stoke 

Alex - Support Staff

Alex Hill



Robyn - Leader Frenchay and Holiday Club

Robyn Purchase Holiday Club

Sid - St Helen's After school and Holiday Club


Renata - St Mary's Bradley Stoke Deputy and Holiday Club

Renata Riciardi St Marys Bradley Stoke and Holiday Club

Mia - Holiday Club

Mia Scarbrough St Marys Thornbury

Abbie  - St Helen's After School and Holiday Club


Freda- St Helen's After School and Holiday Club

Freda Walker St Helen's and Holiday Club